Chef Clara Silverman has possessed a passion for cooking since she was a child. From a young age, she demonstrated a talent in the kitchen, as she was always eager to help create tasty recipes with her mother and grandmother.

Today, Chef Clara looks for recipe inspiration from many different sources. Whether it’s from food bloggers, social media platforms—such as Pinterest or Tumblr—or the chefs she works with, she is always striving to create a variety of deeply satisfying dishes. Her favorite cuisines include Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and Vietnamese, a wide range that exhibits her love for food and cultures everywhere.

In 2013, she began pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Food Service Management at Johnson & Wales University. Chef Clara already has an Associate of Arts degree in Culinary Arts and currently works at Farmshop Santa Monica.

When she is not cooking, Chef Clara enjoys traveling, having experienced a handful of cities stateside as well as countries abroad, such as France, Ireland, Spain, Israel and Italy. She hopes to travel again in the future so that she can see more sights in Europe along with Australia and India. Her biggest dream? To continue exploring new destinations so that she can discover more exciting flavors.


Pulled Pork Belly Tacos

Liven up your next party with zesty homemade cilantro slaw and tender, mouthwatering pulled pork belly in a simply delicious soft taco.

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BBQ Panini

Build a better sandwich by creating a tasty cabbage mixture complete with apple, mayonnaise, lemon juice and more, then top with authentic pork.

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Crispy BBQ Tostadas

The secret to creating crispy tostadas starts with a mash-up of refried beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream and tasty pork chorizo.

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